Holiday at last!
Get packed and go!

Unfortunately, getting packed can be difficult. What should you really bring along on your trip? And don't you pack too many things? When you prepare a packing list in advance, you can avoid those problems. Such a list should ideally be very easy to make, it should be personal and it should be possible to adapt the packing list to your specific needs.

GetPacked offers precisely this and many other things:

+ Easy:
Simply answer a number of questions about your trip and the packing list is created automatically based on your answers.

+ Flexible:
Easily adjust the packing list to suit your personal preferences. For instance, you can specify how many pairs of trousers you would like to take. Or, if necessary, you can also add new items.

+ Complete:
Over 600 items are available for the packing list. The list also includes a to-do list, so you won't forget to renew your passport, to apply for a visa or to get your vaccinations.

+ Relevant:
The relevant items are directly visible and can easily be placed on the packing list. Ski items, for instance, are only shown if you actually plan to go on a skiing trip. Diapers are only shown if you travel with a baby or a toddler.

+ Personalized:
GetPacked stores clothes and personal items separately for every travel companion. This way, your packing list is organized conveniently. In addition, GetPacked only shows those items which are relevant for a person. So, bathing suits or bikinis are visible only for women, and aftershave only for men.

+ Detailed:
Specify your packing list by linking personal remarks to your items. GetPacked also offers you tips or general remarks linked to certain items. Many items contain keywords to make it easier to search for them.

+ Clear and convenient:
When you start packing, simply tick those items that you have packed. You can choose to view only those items that still need to be packed, so you can immediately see what's left to be done.

+ Share:
Mail your packing list to others. Mail someone the entire list or just those parts you think are relevant. For instance, just the packing list for that specific person.

+ Just better:
Save yourself time and effort by basing your new packing list on your previous one.
Change any of the 600+ items in the catalog. Determine yourself what is added automatically to the packing list and how many times. So, if you want to change your socks every day when you're going on a 7-day trip; 7 x socks.
Quickly switch between the questionnaire, refining the packing list and ticking your list.
Quit the app whenever you like: you will return to the exact place of the packing list where you left the app, next time you start GetPacked.